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My Story

After a visit to Israel in 2019 I came home with a knowing that there was a “less is more” approach to life.  The simplicity and detail of the Holy Land had my heart searching.  After much prayer the opportunity to purchase a farmhouse in Battlefield, MO presented itself.

Peaceful Stones Plaza simply began with the vision in a girl’s heart.  During the Covid pandemic, life became very difficult.  Health, minds and hearts were deteriorating at a rapid pace.  We were in the middle of the weirdest time of my life.  Masks, isolation, death, division, politics, vaccinations, oh… and day drinking became a “thing”.

During the “Stay-At-Home-Order” is when I began to understand what the “Less Is More” approach to life really meant.  It was simplicity…  no calendars, kids outside playing, cars in driveway, cooking and eating dinner at home.  It was a stillness, it was pleasant.

After the acquisition of my little farmhouse in March 2021, I simply began tearing down walls one space at a time. There were challenges, fears, tears, laughs, mud, water, questions, you-tube watching, angry neighbors, amazed neighbors, the city, the inspectors, the alderman, rocks, dirt oh and one beautiful asphalt parking lot.  Was I crazy…yes, was I able to depend solely on myself and others….no, but did I have a peace that surpassed all understanding…. ABSOLUTELY!

On March 23, 2022, we cut the ribbon for the Grand Opening of Peaceful Stones Plaza and just like that the heart of the plaza was formed.  This journey has been one of the greatest joys of my life.  I have learned more than I could have ever imagined and created a place of security and connection for all who enter.  I hope you too will search for your “less is more” approach to life and please stop by and say “Hi” along the way...

Deziree Marsh

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Plaza Hours:

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Just as our Plaza is unique in nature, our business hours are unique as well.  Most of the tenants operate by appointment only.  However, we want to serve you the best we can.  Please feel free to call the 417.986.7699
and leave a message. We will do our best to return your call and accommodate your needs.